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Black Cohosh Ginkgo Biloba Dong Quai Ginseng Red Clover Soy Vitex Macafem
Black Cohosh
Black cohosh grows in the woods of eastern North America
Ginkgo Biloba
Traditionally used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years
Dong Quai
Dong Quai is often referred to as "the female ginseng"
The Chinese word "rénshén" means "man root" in English
Red Clover
Originates from Asia, parts of Northern Africa, and Central Europe
Traditionally used in the Orient as a source of protein and medicine
Vitex agnus-castus is also called chaste tree
Originates from the Andean mountains of Perú

Soy Articles

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Dining Out: A Guide to Foods That Are Rich in Soy
Many women are looking for natural ways to help fight their menopausal symptoms, one way is with soy...

Soy: Daily Meal Ideas for Fighting Your Menopause Symptoms
Rich in proteins, low in carbohydrates and thought to possess estrogen-like properties, soy is one of the most popular foods for the...

What Are The Side Effects of Using Soy to fight Menopause Symptoms?
Cheap, convenient, and seemingly everywhere, soy products have been growing in popularity in recent years as a safe way to treat...

Separating Soy Fact from Fiction: 3 Myths
When an herb like Soy attains celebrity status and gets people talking, it´s natural for rumors and myths to come along...

What Are The Benefits Of Introducing Soy Into My Diet?
If you haven´t introduced Soy into your diet, you should. In recent years, the medical community and health nuts everywhere...

4 Foods You Never Thought Could Be Replaced With Soy
When you think of soy replacements, the first product that probably comes to mind is soy milk. But soy milk is not...

Can Soy Balance My Menopausal Mood Swings?
A great way to combat your menopause symptoms is to harness the healing powers of herbs. Herbs are a...

Is Too Much Soy Dangerous for My Health?
You might have heard about soy if you’re going through menopause. Soy is an extract from soybean and is considered by many to be a ...

Does Soy Mimic Estrogen in the Female Body?
In their efforts to seeking better health, women are increasingly turning to soy. With a reputation...

The Soy Debate
When menopause rears its ugly head, many women seek natural alternatives such as soy to relieve their...

What Can I do For My Menopausal Symptoms If I’m Allergic to Soy?
Soy can be a good dietary supplement to ease uncomfortable symptoms of the menopause. The main...

How to Replace the Foods You Love With Soy-based Products
Increasing the amount of soy in the diet is an effective way to ease the uncomfortable symptoms of...

Soy for menopause
Menopause is a stage in women's lives when their bodies lose the ability to sufficiently reproduce important hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. Women usually experience such a hormone...

Estrogen Soy
To properly understand estrogen soy it is first necessary to explain what soy is. Soy in the past 10 years has become known as a food which can provide a number...

Soy Isoflavones
In order to understand what the isoflavones in soy are and what affect they have on the human body it is first necessary to briefly describe what soy is...

Effects of Soy
In order to better understand the effects of soy it is first necessary to understand what soy actually is. Soy is a phytoestrogenic herb that is high in protein. Its unique properties make it an ideal product for...

Which herb should women try? Today women are looking for relief from their menopause symptoms with herbs. Phytoestrogenic herbs and non-estrogenic herbs are good in relieving menopause symptoms, but recent studies show that non-estrogenic herbs have no side effects because they help the body to produce its own hormones instead of introducing hormones like the phytoestrogenic ones. Learn more about non-estrogenic herbs for menopause.
Soy Articles