Herbs for Menopause
Black Cohosh Ginkgo Biloba Dong Quai Ginseng Red Clover Soy Vitex Macafem
Black Cohosh
Black cohosh grows in the woods of eastern North America
Ginkgo Biloba
Traditionally used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years
Dong Quai
Dong Quai is often referred to as "the female ginseng"
The Chinese word "rénshén" means "man root" in English
Red Clover
Originates from Asia, parts of Northern Africa, and Central Europe
Traditionally used in the Orient as a source of protein and medicine
Vitex agnus-castus is also called chaste tree
Originates from the Andean mountains of Perú

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Herbs for Menopause – 6 common menopause herbs.


Find out which are the 6 most common and used menopause herbs. Learn which herbs for menopause are the right ones for you, and everything about them.



Herbs for Menopause