Vitex and Fertility
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Black Cohosh
Black cohosh grows in the woods of eastern North America
Ginkgo Biloba
Traditionally used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years
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Dong Quai is often referred to as "the female ginseng"
The Chinese word "rénshén" means "man root" in English
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Originates from Asia, parts of Northern Africa, and Central Europe
Traditionally used in the Orient as a source of protein and medicine
Vitex agnus-castus is also called chaste tree
Originates from the Andean mountains of Perú

Vitex and Fertility

Vitex Agnus Castus is a plant that is often eaten by people in the warm Mediterranean region to help with their hormonal imbalance problems. However in recent years the wider availability of Vitex Agnus Castus has meant that women have been eating Vitex Agnus castus in places such as the USA, where it can be easily bought as a natural supplement in drugstores.

vitex-garnishVitex Agnus Castus is now often eaten to help women with their fertility issues. Vitex Chasteberry Tree for fertility, ovulation and pregnancy (although not whilst pregnant) is very effective. Women can either eat the top four inches of the stem, the berries, and the leaves as a garnish, drink a juice of the drink, or have it in a tablet form. Regardless of the way women decide to have their Vitex Chasteberry tree it is very efficient at helping women to overcome their hormonal imbalance.

Read below for more information about having Vitex Agnus Castus for fertility, ovulation, and pregnancy.

Using Vitex for Fertility Issues

Vitex Chasteberry Tree is a plant that grows in the Mediterranean region. Vitex Chasteberry is often eaten by women to help with their fertility, ovulation and pregnancy. Vitex for fertility can be extremely effective because Vitex Agnus Castus can be very good at helping women to overcome the unpleasant signs and symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

Vitex Agnus Castus contains compounds that have been scientifically proven to help people with their hormonal imbalance issues. For example Chasteberry is particularly effective at helping women with the adverse side effects of PMS.

Agnus Castus can be eaten as a garnish on food, drank as a tincture, or taken in a natural supplement tablet form.

Vitex and Fertility

vitex-pituitaryVitex for fertility works because it indirectly increases the production of progesterone hormones in the body, which is a vital hormone for fertility. There are compounds in Vitex Agnus Castus that have an influence on the pituitary glands. These compounds reduce the number of FS (follicle stimulating) hormones being produced and increase the number of L (luteinizing) hormones being produced. This then causes the body to increase its production of progesterone hormones.

This is important because progesterone hormones play a large role in fertility. For example progesterone hormones:

. Increase libido levels, making women want more sexual intercourse,
. Progesterone produces a vaginal mucus that helps to fight infections and make sex more comfortable,
. Progesterone controls the levels of estrogen in the body, an even balance of the two being vital for fertility.

Thus Vitex for fertility is vital. Women can take Vitex for fertility in different ways, including as a garnish on food, as a tincture, or as a juice drink. Nevertheless whichever way Vitex Agnus Castus is consumed it is equally effective.

Vitex and Ovulation

Vitex and ovulation, like vitex and fertility, are also linked. During ovulation women also have high levels of progesterone hormones. Consequently because Vitex Agnus Castus can help a woman when they ovulate it is also helpful to take Vitex Agnus Castus during these periods. Progesterone hormones have many roles during ovulation, such as:

. Progesterone hormones inform the uterus to prepare for an egg,
. If no egg is received by the uterus, progesterone hormones drop and a period begins,
. Low levels of progesterone hormones actually leave women unable to ovulate.

Consequently women who take Vitex Chasteberry for their ovulation may find that it helps their periods to become more regular. Thus when drank as a juice or a tincture, or eaten as a garnish, Vitex Agnus Castus can be extremely good at helping women to get pregnant.

Vitex and Pregnancy

During pregnancy women are not advised to take Vitex Agnus castus. This is because the body is in a very delicate hormonal balance and it can be dangerous to upset the system. Nevertheless although Vitex whilst pregnant can be dangerous, Vitex for getting pregnant can be very effective. This is because Vitex Agnus Castus plays a large role in ovulation and fertility, as was written about above.

Getting pregnant with Vitex Agnus Castus is not uncommon, and many women are willing to testify to its strengths.

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Vitex and Fertility