Non estrogenic herbs for treating hormonal imbalance

What are non estrogenic herbs?

Before discussing which non estrogenic herbs are used for treating hormonal balance, it is first necessary to understand what non estrogenic implies. Non estrogenic herbs are the name given to herbs that do not contain phytoestrogens. Such herbs function to curb the effects of a hormone deficiency in different ways to their phytoestrogenic cousin.

Non estrogenic treatment for menopause
Menopause symptoms usually manifest themselves as a result of a hormone imbalance in woman’s bodies. Such symptoms can range from mental symptoms such as:
• Mood swings
• Depression
• Irritability
And physical symptoms such:
• Vaginal dryness
• Osteoporosis
• Hair loss
• Weight gain
• Bloating

What is a hormonal balance?

Non estrogenic herbs for treating hormonal imbalance have become increasingly popular due to the effect a hormonal balance can have on women. Such an imbalance is usually categorized as menopause and is a stage in older women’s lives that occurs as a result of falling hormone levels. Such a shift in a woman’s biological makeup can result in a flurry of menopause symptoms. Such symptoms have been known to include: vaginal dryness, night sweats, hot flashes, hair loss and changes in body odor.

How do non estrogenic herbs for treating hormone imbalance help?

Non estrogenic herbs for treating hormonal imbalance
Phytoestrogenic treatment for menopause symptoms differs broadly to that of non estrogenic treatment. Phytoestrogenic herbs function by introducing plant like hormones in the body. The following phytoestrogenic herbs have been widely used in the treatment of women’s menopause symptoms:
• Ginseng
• Black cohosh
• Red clover
• Dong quai
• Gingko biloba

Non estrogenic herbs for treating hormone imbalance function by affecting women’s menopause symptoms in different ways.

• Protecting against osteoporosis
• Enhancing fertility
• Providing relief from menopause symptoms
• Improving sexual performance
• Protecting against cardiovascular disease
• Nourishing the endocrine system

What are the alternatives to using non estrogenic herbs for treating hormonal imbalance?

There are host of other options from women to consider in the treatment of their menopause symptoms. Because symptoms and their efficacy vary from women to women a considerable degree of thought must be given in deciding which treatment method is best for each individual person. The following can be used in the treatment of menopause symptoms:

• Hormone replacement therapy
• Bio identical hormone replacement therapy
• Phytoestrogenic herbs
• Non estrogenic herbs
• Changes in life style and diet
• Acupuncture

Different women find mixed results with different treatments but all of them have been found to be more effective when used in conjunction with healthy changes in life style, exercise and a healthier diet.

What options to women consider? In the debate of which menopausal remedies women should use in order to treat their menopause symptoms many options must be considered. This is because many menopausal remedies seem like a viable option for the treatment of such symptoms, other options may be better. Non-estrogenic herbs are an increasingly popular option for women seeking relief from many of the symptoms of menopause.

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